It Begins…

K-ON! Ep.1 – 3
Nice to know they set a goal for themselves.

Yes, I finally started watching the much hyped moe-blob anime K-ON!. My original reason for wanting to check it out when it was first announced was because it was about a group of girls trying to put a band together. So I was interested to check out that aspect of it, since putting a band together is something I myself have been wanting to do for years now.


So anyways, the first 3 episodes cover the formation of the band, with our air-headed heroine Yui (pictured above) joining the Light Music Club, started up by Ritsu and Mio, who themselves have been wanting to start up a band after watching a concert on TV. They managed to convince rich girl Tsumugi to join and they only needed one more member to keep the club from being disbanded. This leads to them playing a song for Yui and it’s enough to convince her to join and learn to play the guitar as well.

Jam Session

The 2nd episode sees the girls combine their efforts to buy Yui a guitar for her to play. Yui gets 50 grand from her parents, but she instead eyes a 250,000 yen Strat, so they all end up working part time jobs to make up the money. After 2 days of hard work counting cars, Yui decides it’s better to just get what she can afford, and when they head back to the music shop, Tsumugi tries her hand at bargaining with the store clerk, but it turns out he family owns the store and the manage to get the guitar for an insane discount price of 50,000 yen. Lucky girls.

Not the best way to care for your guitar.

Episode 3 sees the Light Music Club in crisis as Yui has failed her exams, and she will not be able to participate in club activities if she doesn’t pass a make up exam. Being the air head that she is, she’s easily distracted and can’t study, leading to the girls giving her a hand on the final day before the test. And she aces it to keep the club going.

So far so good.

~ by 6six6 on August 27, 2009.

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