K-ON! Ep. 4 – Ep. 6

Same could be said for this entire series.
This could be said for a lot of other shows out there.

Commence head banging...
Episode 4 sees the girls spending their summer vacation on a training camp to improve their playing after Mio finds an old demo tape from the previous light music club, and it inspires her to want to get the band to play at the school festival after the summer vacation.
The music should wake them up.
Of course, Yui and Ritsu could only think about having fun in the sun. They eventually do practice though, and they end up being confident enough to perform at the school festival.

Episode 5 sees the girls realize that their club isn’t recognized by the student council since Ritsu failed to hand in the club application months ago when they first got together!
Full Metal Sawako
Re-submitting their application, they realize that they need an adviser for their club, and they decide to blackmail Ms. Sawako into the position when they find out her past as a member of the light music club as well as an ex-metalhead. Sawako gives in and she quickly points out after watching them perform that they they need to add lyrics to their music and find a singer. Big “DUH” there.
Mio ends up writing the lyrics and they pick Yui to do the vocals, but Yui loses her voice while training under Sawako to learn to play and sing at the same time. Mio ends up on vocal duties due to this.

Episode 6 is the school festival episode. The first half sees the girls taking part in their class activities for the festival, except for Mio who is concerned about the upcoming performance. Second half is the girls practicing and building up their confidence before taking to the stage and not screwing up. Until the rice bowl incident that is, which I don’t think I need to cover.

Thoughts: I think I would have preferred if the whole series was building up to this moment of the band working hard to get it together and play this performance, which was glossed over with a music video rather than the actual performance. 12 Episodes could have covered a lot of territory in Yui’s training and the band’s song writing. But hey, the whole band thing is just a gimmick and not to be taken seriously, right?

One other thing…

The real Dangerous Queen is joshi wrestler Akira Hokuto if anyone cares to know.

But then again…
Neck Hanging Tree!

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