K-ON! Ep.7 & Ep.8

So true.
Christmas time.

Episode 7 is the Christmas episode. The girls throw a Christmas party and we get to look at Yui’s relationship with her younger, but more mature sister, Ui. Innocent fun episode to take a break from all the hard training and practicing we usually see the girls do. Yes, I was being sarcastic there.
Because actually showing her practice to get better would be a waste of the gimmick.
We know she’ll get better. We’re just not gonna see the progression.

But tracksuits worked for Jonathan Davis...
Episode 8 is the beginning of the new school term. And Yui’s sister Ui manages to get into the same school as the girls. It’s also time that the school clubs recruit new members, including the light music club, who decide to throw a mini concert to convince would be members to join. They do the gig, and out of the hundreds of new students in attendance, they only get ONE new member.
Enter Azusa
Breaks my heart to know kids in Japan aren’t interested in learning to play instruments and are probably more interested in being in boybands and girl groups.


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