K-ON! Ep.11-Ep.12

After School Tea Time in case you were wondering...
Took ’em long enough.

Your doing it wrong.
Playing with your guitar….your doing it wrong…

Episode 11 is split into 2 parts; first, after a year of playing, it turns out Yui hasn’t been taking care of her guitar, so they bring it to get serviced.
Down with the sickness?
The second half is Ritsu getting jealous of Mio’s growing relationship with her classmate Nadoka, and it’s after Ritsu gets sick that they manage to settle their problems and keep the band together.

Though they don't really play light music...
Episode 12 is the big one where they get to play the school festival for the second time, unfortunately, Yui caught Ritsu’s cold and it’s doubtful she will be able to make it for the show. It gets to the point the Ui even dresses up like her and impersonates her so as not to disappoint the rest of the band, but they see through her disguise when it turns out she might be better than Yui!
Yui does get better in time, but on the big day she forgets her guitar, and runs all the way home to get it and back to school as well, all while reflecting on how much she has changed from the way she used to be. Sawako stands in for her on the opening number and Yui makes it in time for the 2nd number and encore. Alls well, ends well.

But they toss the fanboys a bone with one more episode coming up.

~ by 6six6 on September 6, 2009.

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  1. I love k-on! Specially Ritsu and Mio!

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