Just a little something about me and this new blog of mine. I renewed my interest in watching anime this year, and after reading so many other blogs, I thought I’d try my hand at it, and this is the end result.

What I hope to do differently from other bloggers is toss in a bit of sarcasm in my recaps, as well as stepping back and posting about older series which have long ended but I haven’t gotten around to watching yet since I like to watch multiple episodes of a series rather than wait every week (or longer) for a new fansubbed episode. The only series I probably will review as I get it is Pumpkin Scissors, since that’s the must see series of the season for me. Black Lagoon is a close second, but I’ll only watch it once I have all the pieces of a particular arc as I don’t really like getting to the cliffhanger and waiting for the next episode to come out.

I’m still new to this, so please leave comments so I know what I’m doing right or wrong.


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