Black Lagoon #18: Mr. Benny’s Good Fortune

Sawyer the Cleaner

Shen Hua runs a distraction on Revy & Eda while Sawyer goes up to the roof after Rock & Jane. Revy takes a few knives in the arm, but is able to distract Shen Hua long enough for Eda to pop a few bullets in her and take her out. Sawyer takes her time stalking Rock & Jane on the roof, but just as she’s about to make her move on them, an explosion from the burning dock shakes the whole building and Sawyer drops her voice box, which for some reason causes her to zone out and just lose all interest in finishing the mission! Revy & Eda get up to the roof just in time for the whole structure to come crumbling down, and as the building collapses, Rotton the Wizard shows up to make his grand entrance, only to be taken out by a single shot from Revy as the building falls!
Revy and the gang pull themselves out of the rubble and make a run for the docks and Dutch & Benny finally arrive. They get on the torpedo boat and speed off, but a few of the hunters manage tget on at the same time, leading to a gun fight on the boat. Back on land, it turns out that Rotton is still alive thanks to a bullet proof vest, something it seems NO ONE on Raoanapur thought of using before. Not being a total bad guy, he helps Shen Hua and Sawyer who are also down, but not out.
Back on the boat, Rock gets Jane below deck while Revy & Eda take care of the gunmen. The gunslinger girls are out gunned, so Ducth decides to shake things up a bit to lose the unwanted guests, but Claude and Russell manage to hang on. Eda goes after Russell below deck, leaving Revy to deal with the pyromaniac, which she does so with a little help from Dutch shaking things up again.
Below deck, Benny meets Rock & Jane, and Jane explains that the counterfeit plates were designed on computer and saved in cyberspace, but she hasn’t been able to crack the code encrypted by her partner who was killed by the mob earlier. Benny takes a shot at it and cracks the code pretty easily, and gets a surprising thank you from Jane.
Finally, Eda squares off with Russell in the engine room, and doesn’t have much trouble in doing so. A bit of Eda’s past is revealed however when Russell recognizes her, but she silences him and meets up with Revy up top as the sun rises and they can all finally relax as they head to port.

Since they didn’t kill of Shen Hua, Sawyer and Rotton, I guess we can expect to see them again, which is a good thing cause Sawyer is cool and Shen Hua is HOT. Finding out that bit of info on Eda was interesting, and I’m sure they’ll follow it up in the future as everyone’s past eventually catches up to them in series like these.

One small complaint I did have was that after the Lagoon HQ collapsed, Revy and everyone got out unscathed. It would have made more sense to add a little more detail to them by ripping up their clothes and scarring them up a bit to add to the realism the show usually associated with the series.


~ by 6six6 on November 26, 2006.

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